With the development of technology, there are many things arising day by day. Somethings are now in the searching about Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality day by day. They are common in the listening but in reality, they both have different concepts between both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The differences between both of them make them separate from each other.


VR stands for Virtual Reality. It means the things which are created virtually. It is like you can experience the things within sitting at the home which you have not done in your daily life. It is been accessed by only Virtual Headsets like PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, Procus Pro VR, HTC Vive, etc. They will create a virtual space around you in which you can feel it is real. These premium systems will use 60-degree freedom view and on the other hand, on mobile supported VR will use 30-degree freedom view. It is a limited square area in metres. In 30-degree Freedom, the experience is not immersive and it provides view within 30-degrees.

In 60-degree freedom, There will not detect the direction in which you are moving. They are used to play 360-degree videos, play games, etc in this you will feel when you are playing fighting games You realize instead of character you are fighting with him in real, you can hit him in any direction. They will provide you virtual environment as well as virtual hands. This experience is fully real and immersive. Please be careful while using VR of Wires, Cables, in Limited space. You Can Buy them From Here.


AR stands for Augmented Reality. Wherever Virtual Reality changes our vision as well as Augmented Reality. This will create a vision in front of you. you can feel them without any box. But it is not immersive like Virtual Reality. These are two different things. It is really different from Virtual reality. Augmented Reality adds a layar in your smartphones or apps. It will experience you a view of the Addition of Characters, images, Stickers, on your screen by Location your current location and camera of the phone. AR is used in the development of Games on the bases of Augmented Reality

You can find them all in Android apps like Pokemon Go. When you play this game he determines your location and uses the camera of phone display a pokemon on your screen and you think it is really here and you move with them also. But it is limited and it is mostly used to display the things on screen or holograms in big industries. They will overlay your surroundings. VR completely changes your environment but AR changes but you can obtain him only on Your phone screen.

Difference between Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality:-

AR and VR are both confusing words most people think AR and VR is the Same Thing.  But it is not true. VR will take reality with you when you are seeing. But in AR they add a layer on the screen which is displaying before. It will project the additional thing on your screen.  In this way, it is really apart for VR. They both will change the future of technologies. Despite of both the things one more thing is arising which is called Mixed Reality

What is Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is a mixture of AR and VR. In fact, Windows has designed this to experience both things in a single device. MR devices like Google Lens, Hololens, etc are used to experience the MR devices. These devices are made by the addition of cameras in front of VR displayers to experience the real world photographs. But the reality between them is Ar and VR can’t be mixed. They doses not gives any sense to us.

Examples of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

There are many apps and games are built on the basis of augmented reality and virtual reality.\

Apps and Games Using Virtual Reality

  • VR in Sports Games.
  • VR in Broadcasting Matches.
  • YouTube VR.
  • Google DayDreams.
  • Facebook 360.
  • Minecraft gear VR edition.

Apps and Games Using Augmented Reality

  • Real 6 Game.
  • Pokemon Go.
  • Google Earth.
  • Live GPS.
  • AR Browser.

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