[Custom.ini] Best Config Files for Pubg Mobile 0.9

{Custom.ini} Best Config File for Pubg Mobile 0.9

Hello Guys. I am sure you are a Pubg Lover. But you gets angry when your device lags and you loses the match or died. Now you have not to worry about it, becuase we have solution for it. We have a devloped a best config file for pubg users who wants to play pubg without lag and constant fps. And Guys this will works for all devices. We have divided the Custom.ini For Two types of Player: Competitive Players and Normal Classic Players. We will also tell you difference betweeen them.

What are custom.ini config files

Custom.ini are special types of configs files which are maded to set the graphics settings and fps setting. By Defaults, Pubg uses artificial intelligence to set these setting for your device according to your processor. But if you have low end or mid end device then, most of the times pubg limits you fps to 30 or 40. So custom configs are used to increase fps and game peformance for your device. In custom configs, graphics are also optimised for device and reduces resolutions for better performance. Now i will show some difference between configs shared by me for competitive and classic.

For Competitive Players:- In the comeptitive folder Configs is mostly for the players who plays in T3, T2 and T1 customs. This is modified for the better performance and fast rendering speed. This is Very usefull in scenerio to render the game best in competitive and spotting enemies. It will renders very long ranges fast.

For Classic Players:- In the classic folder configs is mostly for the players who playes pubg for rushing and close range fights for fun. This config is modified for the highly aggressive players and to improve close range. This config reduced your lag to zero and gives high perfomance but low rendering. But this config gives you better performance then above config.

Why to use Configs Files.

  • Increase in-game FPS and gives constant fps.
  • No risk of account ban.
  • Increase graphic without lags.
  • Almost removes lag from game.
  • Doesn’t change your controls and Sensitivity.
  • Best than GFX tools.

Why not to use GFX tools

  • Removes sometimes but lags remains.
  • It will change user settings.
  • Risk of Account Ban.
  • It will take you gpu performance also and increase loads.
  • Change controls and sensitivity.

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Requirments to use Custom.ini Best Config files for Pubg.

You will get the links of all files in below download section.

  • MI File Explorer( I prefer to use this)
  • Quick Edit App.
  • ShadowFX+ App.
  • Config Files.

Process to Apply Configs in Pubg Mobile

Now this is time to use the best config file for pubg and enjoy without restrictions and lags. Follow all the steps carefully to use the config. Steps are given below:-

  • Download all the required files and install all 3 apps in your mobile.
  • First Install ShadowFX+.
  • Open Mi File Explorer and Extract the downloaded config file.
  • Now open Active saw folder then select FPS ( I recommend 60FPS) then open this folder and Copy the Active.saw file.
  • Then open the following folders:- Android>data>com.tencent.ig>files>UE4Game>ShadowTrackerExtra>ShadowTrackerExtra>Saved>SavedGames and then Paste the file there.
  • Now Then again open the folder where the configs are extracted. (password is require and given in end of post)
  • Now Select the folder which you want (Competitive or Classic). Open The Folder.
  • Now select Anti Aliasing Folder (Recomended) and open them. Now open 720p or any Resolution Folder.
  • Now click on classic.ini and open it with Quick edit File as document. and copy the full code.
  • Now open Android>data>com.tencent.ig>files>UE4Game>ShadowTrackerExtra>ShadowTrackerExtra>Saved>Config>Android folder and find UserCustom.ini file

  • Now click and open custom.ini file as docs and opem it with quick edit app

  • Now select from top (UserCustom DeviceProfile) to the end before of (BackUp Device Profile). Remove the above part form the BackUp DeviceProfile and Past the copied code there. [Shown in image.]

  • Now Open ShadowFX+ folder and Click on reset. then apply.
  • Now click on Boost and Play and Enjoy the Game Lag free.

Our all links are direct GDrive Download links. No Restriction. Direct Download and Enjoy. We not use any URL shorteners to give problem to our users.

MI File Explorer
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Config File Zip
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Quickk Edit App
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Password:- feastgaming

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