How Earn Money Online from Amazon Affiliate, Youtube, Tik-Tok and Blogging.

In this post, we discuss How to Earn Money online from Amazon Affiliate MarketingYoutube Montenisation, Tik-Tok Popularity, Blogging. If you want to earn huge money from these methods then only read this full post carefully and seriously otherwise you can go back. Because I explain everything in simple language and I try to best give you all the information.

Earn Money Online Tips By Internet Guru AK

1. Amazon Affiliate

If you are searching for the huge source of online money then Amazon Affiliate is the right place. Amazon Affiliate program give us commission on every product 1% to 10% If anyone buys a product from your link. You can see the list of commission on their website. Now you think why people come near us and buy a product from our link. You have not said to any person personally he will automatically buy when he mind from your website, facebook post, youtube video, etc Now Let’s start how can you earn money from Amazon Affiliate and what are the things needed for this.
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What are the things necessary for Amazon Affiliate?

First, you have to need a blog or website and the quality post written on your website. You can create your website by any free medium like Blogger, WordPress, Wix, etc. You have no need a custom domain like .com, .net, .in, etc. You can directly approve your website but I suggest you have to go with custom domain because it helps you increase in a site ranking and visitors. After creating a website select your topic based on online products that you want to sell online and you paste your link there.

Can we post product links only to the website?

Many peoples are in confusion that we have needed a website and can only add the links to the website. Guys it is not true Amazon needs your website only for reviewing your skills of Online Marketing. After getting the approval of Amazon Affiliate account you can post your product links on your facebook pages, groups, WhatsApp groups, telegram groups, Instagram, etc on any things. If they buy products from your links you get paid by Amazon.

Commission Rate on products

Here is the list of the rate of commission on your products and earn money online by affiliate,

Product CategoryCommission Rates
1. Kindle Devices and E-Books10%
2. Amazon Devices ( Firestick, TV, etc.)10%
3. Apparel Shoes ( Clothes)9%
4. Home and Kitchen9%
5. Toys And Baby Product9%
6. Watches9%
7. Personal Care and Appliances9%
8. Sports Fitness and Outdoors9%
9. Bags9%
10. iPhone 7, 7 plus, 8, 8plus2.5%
11. Mobile Phones2.5%
12. Mobile Accessories4%
13. Books8%
14. Televisions8%
15. Car, Motorbikes and Industrial Products 8%
16. Jewellery ( Excluding Coins)8%
17. Office and STationary8%
18.Musical Instruments8%
19. Grocery8%
20. One Plus 7T, 7, 6T1%
21. Data Storage and Devices2%
22. iPhone X, XR, 6S and Below Models0%

2. Youtube

Yes, you can earn money from YouTube By Uploading Your Videos. You have to need upload videos on Youtube which is your own made. If you copy video from other channels then you will get copyright strike and the video was deleted and your channel was in danger. I will give you tips about how to be safe from Youtube Policy. Let me start how can you earn money from Youtube.

How Earn Money online From YouTube?

First, you have to create your Youtube account Then Go to Your Profile And an option below click on it and create your Youtube channel. After of all that you need to upload videos which you have made the self. You have to know about yourself first on which section you are good like some peoples play games very well and got famous like Dynamo, Soul Mortal, Kronten Gaming, GTX Preet, etc. Some peoples make Comedy Videos Very good and Fresh Content Like Lalit Shaukeen, Amit Bhadana, Elvish Yadav, etc.

What Is Paytm KYC? Earn Money From Paytm And Complete Paytm Kyc

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You can also go to Technology Section like Technical Guruji, Sharma Ji Technical, Trakin tech But According to my point of view, It is very hard to grow in Technology Section. You can go with the online tutorials teaching, study classes, In These Section you can grow easily. You can go with Dance Category, Singing, Reviews, Cooking, Roasting Channels, etc

Term and Condition For Youtube Partner Program

Guys here are some terms and conditions for the Youtube Partner Program. Your channel has 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time. If your channel doesn’t meet the requirment then you are not eligible for monetization. These watch time are count by YouTube genuine process. Don’t Try to buy Views from the Online Seller because they are Not Genuine and It will lead to deleing of youtube channel from YouTube.

One Important thing, Don’t use any copyrighted content from any other channel like any audio from YouTube video, any song, Any movie clip etc. If you didn’t want to terminate your channel please avoid these mistakes. If your channel got approved and ads are ready are displayed on your channel Never click own on your ads it will lead to disabling of Your Adsense Account.

3. Tik-Tok

Many peoples are in confusion that how will the famous Tik-Tok stars earn money. I will clear your doubt Some peoples think that Tik-Tok will Pay to users LikeYouTube and Blogger. But They are Wrong There are Not any Montenzation options available for Any Star else they have any number of followers. Now a question arises how will Tik-Tok Stars earn money if there has not any Montenization option.

How People earn Money online From Tik-Tok

Til-Tok users earn money by Doing The Paid promotion of Brands, company anything. Now peoples think how much they can Earn by paid promotion. If you have a good number of Followers like 1 Million Followers. Then You can Charge the brand for $500-$1000 Per Video (30000-6000 Rs.) per video. But from the challenges of Tik-Tok you can earn money by winning But is to difficult.  Also, there are some more benefits of Tik-Tok popularity. You can promote your own facebook page, youtube channel, Instagram followers. And from them, you can earn money.

4. Blogging

After all, now we tell about the most highest-earning source. It is called blogging. By blogging, you can earn daily $50-$60 (3500-4000 Rs.) by Blogging, you have to need to create a Blogspot account and select your site. You have to connect this to a custom domain. You can buy this from Godaddy, Namecheap, etc  You have to select your topic and have to post daily at least 1 post. These posts are your own content. Don’t copy and paste from another website. If you do this your website cannot be approved by Adsense.

How Approve Google Adsense ?

First of all, your domain will be at least 2 months old then your earning option from blogger will be enable and after of all you have to need design your website like a professional or you can apply a third party template to your blog which you like. Your blog should be neat and clean. Your site doesn’t be irritating like many of the popups and every side junk. It should we simple and user-friendly.

Your website has at least 20 posts of more than 500 words then you are eligible for applying Google Adsense. Your Website Should Consist following pages:- About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer. Your website consists of Menus on your Top, And footer also

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