What is Safe Mode?

You must have seen in Android phone that sometimes the Safe Mode becomes On, what is this Safe Mode and how to turn Safe Mode On / Off, about which we will give you complete information in this article today, so that you will know that Android What is safe mode in the phone and how to use it, we will also cover many of your questions, which are linked to this topic.

How to do Safe Mode On This turns on your phone a safety mode which makes the Safe Mode (Safe Mode) on your Android phone or tablet very frequent. You should be aware that the Safe Mode on your Android phone or tablet (Safe Mode) When any operating system is tampered with or even routed, Safe Mode starts even when third-party applications and virus files are found.

With which you can turn off the safe mode after shutting down all those virus files and anon processes to protect your phone, which will keep your security. This is designed to protect the mobile phone user, friends, we know now. Let’s know how to turn on and off from what is safe mode.

There are many features in your smartphone that you are not aware of, which are made to improve the security system of the common user. Because of this, it starts and protects you, it is going to be very good information for you, do you know about security policy and security Like to know.

What Is Safe Mode ?

You must have seen that sometimes safe mode is written on the screen of your phone, that means your phone has gone into safe mode, this is when the third party application and virus gets in your phone and the mobile phone is switched- When you accidentally press the Combination Buttons while on, your phone will go into safe mode.

Safe Mode is a diagnostic mode that you can see in Computers and Smartphones that identifies the problem inside your phone and gives you ways to improve it, we can also say safe mode. Which shows about this, the viruses that come in your mobile are running in the background, so you can stop them by going in safe mode.

After enabling Safe Mode, the apps that you find in your system software will not be run, the other third party applications will not run, by turning on Safe Mode, you can disable all third party applications that pose a threat to your phone. is.

In today’s article, you will be fully familiar with safe mode, what is safe mode and what are its advantages and disadvantages which we will discuss further, now we know how to turn safe mode on and off.

How to do Safe Mode On?

To turn on Safe Mode, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, switch off your Android phone and keep Power Button pressed for long.
  • Now turn the mobile on and when the screen is on, press and hold the Volume Down button.
  • With this, your phone will start, with which you will go into Safe Mode.

How to do Safe Mode Off ?

To turn off Safe Mode, follow the steps mentioned below:

For this, you will have to reboot your phone, for that, switch off the phone and turn it on so that your safe mode will automatically turn off, if the safe mode is turned on in your phone then it can be rebooted and closed.

Benefits of turning on Safe Mode

  1. In safe mode, your phone does not hang because apps that slow down the phone are turned off.
  2. This increases the processing speed of your phone, which is a good thing.
  3. If you want to save the battery, then it is a lot of work because after turning on it, your phone’s battery will last longer.
  4. Turning on Safe Mod saves internet data because any third party application that is turned on becomes disabled.
  5. Whatever third party application is not being installed, all those third party applications can be disabled by turning on Safe Mode.

I hope you know what is Safe Mode? You should have liked the information about the Safe Mode On case, because these are some of the small things that we often see in our smartphone but there is not much information about them, but in such a situation, it is nice to give you information about it as well. Get to learn about that thing.

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