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Welcome Guys Today we tell you every need information about Computer Science, Scopes, Courses, Jobs, Success, etc. everything about Computer Science. We will not doing any time waste and we will talk only points to points. Let’s Start Exploring about Computer Science.

What is Computer Science?

The knowledge and study about Computer is called Computer Science. Computer Science includes study of knowledge about Computer and Computer Parts. It Focuses more on Software Making. This is completely different from the work of Mechanical and Eletrical Computer Engineer. Mechanical and Electrical Engineer have Hardware work but Computer Science Includes Software Part only. Computer Engineer Study is About Every Part of Computer. But Computer Science Includes Study of Following Things:-

❒ Sytem Software

❒ Multimedia Applications

❒ Digital Electronics

❒ Database System

❒ Copmuter Networking, etc.

Main Sectors of Working in Computer Science

Students can do any of work with help of these things like making website, making Problem Solving Algorithm, Coding, Devloping new apps,etc and many more

❒ Artificial Intelligence

❒ Network

❒ Human Computer Interaction

❒ Vision and Graphics

❒ Software Engineering

❒ Database

❒ Computer Theory

Courses to do for Learn Computer Science

We have seen above that what are the things we study in computer Science. Now let’s know how can we learn these all things. In basic things you can complete all the courses online or by any Institute. Let’s Explain you:-

1. Degree Course in Computer Science

Under the Degree courses you can study upto undergraduate (UG), postgraduate (PG), and Directorate (Ph.D) level Qualifications. The Duration of the courses are between 3-5 years.  If you want to get Postgraduation degree after UG then you have it takes 5 years . After all you want to get Ph.D degree than it takes upto 8-10 years.

For taking admissions in Computer Science you have to qualified 10+2 with non-medical, then you are eligible. There are two courses in stream of Computer Science first is Bsc. Computer Science and 2nd is BCA ( Bachleor in Computer Applications ). All Bsc and BCA are considered in (UG) and After UG you can go With Msc. Computer Science and MCA ( Master in Computer Applications ). These are considered in (PG). After PG you can study for Directorate Degree. It is Considerd in Ph.D.

2. Diploma in Computer Science

These courses are made for the students who wants to get mastery in Computer Science Field and they didn’t want to do UG and PG Courses. Computer Science and Its Fundamentals are Teached in this line. You can Complete the course in Any Private College or in Any Institutes. For example you can Complete Diploma in Following Institutes like:-

❒ ITI [ Indian Training Institute ]

❒ Polytechnic Colleges

You have the qualification of Matriculation for Taking Admission in Diploma Courses. The duration of these courses are 1-3 years. After doing diploma courses you can get job easily according to your experience and your knowledge for high salary jobs.

Subjects To Study In Computer Science

Now we have see that what types of Study is Computer Science let’s discuss What are the Subjects are In Included in Computer Science. Students can study all these Subjects and make their intrest in a particular direction.

❒ Programming Languages

❒ Problem Solving Algorithm

❒ Theory

❒ Data Structure

❒ Logic

❒ Web Technology

❒ Computer Networks

❒ Computer Structure

❒ Math for Computer Science

❒ Artificial Intelligence

❒ Machine Learning

❒ Microprocessor

❒ Visual and Audio Graphics

❒  Operating System

Carrer Options after Computer Science

After completing the courses of Computer Science there are many high salary jobs available and they have high dreams prospects also. Also according to future whole world is going on huge increment in devlopment and these raise to new jobs available in IT companies, Software Hubs, Banking Sector, Consultancies, Financial Institutions, Government Agencies, Schools and Colleges, etc. Following Jobs are Available after completing Computer Science Courses:-

❒ Software Devloper

❒  Computer System Analyst

❒  Databse Administrator

❒  Web Devloper

❒  Information Security Analyst

❒  Computer Network Architect

❒  Computer and Information Research Scientist

❒  IT project manager

❒  Mobile Application Devloper

❒  Telecommunication Manager

❒  Software System Manager

❒  IT Officer

❒  System Admin

❒  Lab Assisstant

❒  Teacher and Lecturer

I hope you are intrested in Computer Science and You will get all knowledge from our post. If you want to tell about computer Science to Anyone then don’t forgot to share this.

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