Learn how to run a computer - How to run a computer?

Hello friends, in the previous post for computer information, we told you how to learn computer at home today, in that same episode we are going to tell you how to learn computer Basic Computer Knowledge, today we are talking about how to learn computer. So friends let us give you complete information

Friends, even today a small child has Android, Computer, Laptop. In today’s world, if someone wants a good job, then it is very important to have a computer. In today’s age, students are taught computers in school itself, but people who have almost completed their studies, but computers are not taught in their school, then they will have to learn computers because nowadays you will also know how important it is. So, if we do not waste your time, let’s move forward.

Friends, first of all we have to know what we have to learn in computer. In two computers, firstly we need to know about Basic Computer Knowledge or computer information. In Basic Computer Knowledge, “Parts of Computer” comes, then you have to learn the Functions of Computer, Softwares of Computer, then let us first tell you about the parts of Computer.

Basic Computer Knowledge –

Keyboard: Computer is the part of the keyboard that we use to write or type anything. Without a keyboard, the computer can be operated or operated, but you will not be able to write as easily as you can write using the keyboard. Know the useful keys of computer keyboard

Mouse: Mouse is the part of computer with which we move Cursor. The mouse looks exactly like a rat, that is why its name is mouse. The computer can be run without a mouse but at that time it becomes necessary for us to use the keyboard.

UPS: Ups is the part of the computer that gives Electric Power in Emergency. Meaning if you are using a computer and if the lights go off completely then UPS gives you time to save your work. This is an inverter only if your UPS is good, then after the light goes out, you can give a backup of 10M-2Hr to the computer. Computers can run without UPS when the lights are on.

Monitor: Monitor is the part of computer in which we watch which is like TV. There are many types of monitors like Led, Lcd and Plasma. A computer may run without a monitor, but if you do not see anything, then what is the use?

CPU: Which is also called Computer Brain. All the data of the computer you work on is stored in the CPU. Computers will not run without Cpu as the wires of Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Etc Devices are connected to the Wire Cpu itself.

Scanner: Scanner is the violence of computer, it happens mostly in Offices and Shops and in this we put the page that we print and then in the computer we give the command so that the copy of that photo will be found on the paper.

Printer: is the part of the Printer Computer from which we print. Whenever we have to print a file of a scanner or computer, we do the same. Can run without a Computer Printer.

Now you must have known that how many and which part of computer are part. Friends computer is not a game once seen and taught. So now we tell you how to complete the computer. Now we tell you about the internal parts of the computer. Basic Computer Knowledge in Hindi ..

Computer Ke Internal Parts:

Motherboard: Motherboard is a very big part of our Cpu (Central Processing Unit). With which all the parts of our computer are connected. Without a MOTHERBOARD, you cannot add processor and memory to your CPU. We can also call Motherboard as Circuit Board.

Processor: Processor is part of our Cpu (Central Processing Unit). Processor processes the information of software and hardware in our computer.

Computer Memory: Computer Memory is a chip in our motherboard. Which acts like a memory, we call it Ram (Random Access Memory). Just as Ram works in our phone, Ram also works in our computer.

Ram When the computer runs, the sari application that you run takes it inside and when the computer turns off, then all your application data that you have worked on is deleted. If you save it, it remains with you.

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