How to port mobile number to other operator in 2019-2020

Hello Today, in 2019-2020 there is a big change in all of the services we have. Wecan see the example in our daily life. Today we will discuss how can you change your operator to other opertor by using MNP services issues by TRAI. It is more easy than Before 2019. Follow All the steps Givens. Also I will tell you in end, what are the precautions while changing operator.

What are the requirement to port you number.

❒ Aadhar Card (or other government id)
❒ Balance in your sim to send message.
❒ UPC code (recieve after sending message.)
❒ Old Sim.
❒ Your sim should be 3 months old.

Steps to Port your sim to other operator.

Step1. Send Port message with your number to 1900.
 Example:- Send “PORT 98XXXXXX20” to1900  

Step2. After you get UPC code in message. You have to give this code to you agent and choose the operator which you want to select.

Step3. Your agent will do every work . (fill form in mobile)

Step4. Agent will ask all of your details and click your photograph.

Step5. Now he will do every work and after he will give you new sim.

Step6. After 2-3 days your new simwith operator will start.

Step7. You have to replace your old sim with new sim.

Step8. After you have to verufy your identity. Call to 5909 and verify your Indentity by giving your details.

Step9. You have to recharge with your suitalble plans.

Step10. Hurrah Your new sim has been started and you can enjoy all interpretted services with your new software.

Precautions while porting your Sim.

❒ You have to take your new sim carefull while porting days.
❒ Your old sim will be off while porting ( Don’t worry Your new sim will be started you have to just insert your new sim.)

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